Nets used for agricultural activities serve the purpose to protect the plants as they grow. Shade nets for example shade plants from UV rays to prevent radiation damage. Insect nets on the other hand protect the plants from pest infestation. However, both these nets can also serve the purpose of shielding the plants from damages caused by heavy rain and strong winds. These agricultural use nets are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material making them flexible, waxy in texture, weatherproof, good low-temperature toughness, easily processed during production, low cost, and good chemical resistance. All these qualities warrant shade and insect nets as quality products sufficient to protect plants as they grow.

Choice of nets

  1. Shade nets

Shade nets vary in not only price but also intensity of shading which varies in each nets’ weight in Grams per Square Meter (GSM). This measure of GSM determines the percentage shading the net offers. Of course, the measure one is required to use is determined by what crop they are farming since different plants have different light needs. Here at Afro Drip, the following nets are available in all our stores:

  • 70 GSM that offers between 55% - 60% shading

  • 90 GSM that offers between 65% - 70% shading

  • 120 GSM that offers between 75% - 80% shading

  • 140 GSM which offers between 85% - 90% shading

  1. Insect nets / Bird nets

Since the purpose of insect nets is to prevent the penetration of insects and pests into the crop’s environment, the selection of a proper insect net will depend on the mesh size of the net. The Mesh size of the net is determined by the number of holes per inch of the net. Though insect nets can weigh slightly different depending on whether they are Pro-nets or Geo-nets, it is important to make sure the quality is durable and UV resistant. At Afro Drip Limited, both Pro and Geo nets are available in the following sizes:


2.5.                 50

2.5.                 100

3                     50

3.                    100

5.5.                  50