These are tools that hold multiple seedlings from the germination stage until they are ready for transplantation. They can also be referred to as planting trays and they offer care for seedlings ensuring better nutrient availability for each seed yielding better plant growth and returns for all farmers. The choice of tray varies in the number of cells depending on what one wants to plant.


In many instances, seedlings die young as a result of fungal infections caused by damp conditions. Using Seedling Trays for planting can help prevent this since the seedlings remain spaced and the cocopeat used is treated as required. This gives the farmer assurance of productive seedling germination and development. Using seedling trays also improves the chances of good root development, which is advantageous, especially during transplanting. Though it is more costly than planting in the field, it is a worthy cost to incur since the advantages outweigh the cost disadvantage.

Choice of Seedling Tray

Seedling trays are made of quality biodegradable plant material making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. The choice of tray depends on the type of seedling one wants to plant as well as the number of seedlings one wants to have at the end. The length and width of a seedling tray sold at Afro Drip Limited are constant. However, the number of cells per tray is what varies. Available in stock are trays with 50 cells, 72 cells, 200 cells, and 288 cells all affordable and guaranteed quality.