Greenhouse polythenes



The common term for this is greenhouse plastic can either be made of polyethylene, copolymer plastic, polyvinyl plastic, or polycarbonate plastic. Afro Drip stocks and sells greenhouse polythene made of polyethylene. It is low cost, large, and easy to attach giving good light transmission due to ultraviolet additives. Compared to other greenhouse options, polyethylene is proven to be the most effective heat insulator. It is a breathable material allowing for a high oxygen transmission rate, therefore, ensuring a better airflow within the greenhouse. They are available in yellow, milky and clear. The choice of color of greenhouse polythene is dependent on the area one has decided to farm (hot or wet) and also what one is planning to grow in the greenhouse.

When purchasing greenhouse polythene from Afro Drip, we work with any length but specific widths. Our Greenhouse polythene is available in the following widths:




Moreover, for installation, one would need to use greenhouse profiles that are used hand in hand with zigzag wires and are used to stabilize the polythene onto the greenhouse metals. You can get these at our stores in the length of 4m and 2m.