Following the continuous support of drip irrigation farming, Afro Drip promotes the use of water-soluble fertilizers which makes it easy to incorporate into farming practices throughout the cultivation process.

Organic Fertilizer

These are carbon-based compounds that increase the productivity and growth quality of plants. They ensure that the food products are free of harmful chemicals. Processed organic fertilizers can include humic acid, grain meal, amino acids, and seaweed extract.

  • Mr. Black gold

It is a combination of humic acid and seaweed extracts with a synergistic effect. It is a purely organic fertilizer that provides matchless results keeping the plants healthier, stronger, and resistant to plant diseases. It stimulates lateral root development and root mass, allows plants to take up more water and nutrients effectively resulting in a very high yield. It also protects cell membranes, chlorophyll membranes, and mitochondrial membranes as well as keeps the growth of the plant at peak efficiency. It can be used from the beginning of plant growth and also as it continues to develop.

Inorganic Fertilizer

 These are also referred to as synthetic fertilizers and are manufactured artificially, containing mineral and sometimes synthetic chemicals. Most inorganic fertilizers contain amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as plant food with the aim of fostering growth.

  • Mr. Sortie Foliar

This contains free amino acids, organic carbon, protein, organic nitrogen, organic matter, and water-soluble potassium in balanced amounts. It can be applied at any stage of planting from growth to full plant development since it is high in all plant nutrients and is mixable with other fertilizers. It increases the activity of photosynthesis in plants improving chlorophyll levels. It stimulates the vegetative development stage of the plant enhancing the flower blooming and fruiting yield in plants. It generally increases the quality of crop yield, color, and shelf life.

  • Mr. Star (NPK)

It is an NPK concentrated crystal fertilizer. Since it dissolves rapidly in water, it becomes highly effective in plants. More so, it is easily taken up by the plants and it reduces the nutrition elements that can be washed away. It eases the intake of minerals like iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), and zinc (Zn) increasing plant yield and quality. It supports the development of plant roots and their fruit shoots and also regulates the soil’s pH positively.

  • Mr. Black Mamba (NPK)

This fertilizer contains 54 powerful enzymes strong enough to revive a plant. The ammonium form of nitrogen in this fertilizer is completely chelated through the MR technology, therefore ensuring no reduction in nitrogen levels while also balancing the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus levels. It can be applied on the leaves and also from the soil and its water solubility makes it easily absorbed by the plant. It can be used to resolve the locked nutrients in the soil and regulates soil pH as it eliminates plant disorders in the shortest time within occurrence during times of plant stress. Different ratios of NPK in the product for different stages of the plant’s development whether the root formation stage (10:40:10), the Vegetative stage (20:20:20), or the fruiting and flowering stage (10:10:40).

  • Mr. No Sal

This is an anti-salinity soil conditioner that reduces the level of soil salts to increase the availability of natural soil nutrients. Soil salts reduce the nutrient availability in the soil, therefore, affecting plant growth negatively. It is mostly used as a primer to achieve maximum fertilizer efficiency, better root development, and increased product quality and yield.