What is a damliner?

Our dam liners are geosynthetic liners used to control water loss in manmade dams, ponds or water reservoirs. They are made from reinforced polyethylene and prevent water seepage for over 20 years or longer.

Importance of dam liners

Water is a very highly valued resource that can be scarce at times and therefore cannot afford to be wasted. Therefore, it is important to acquire high quality dam liners. Dam liners are meant to serve the importance of saving and storing water by preventing sipping and evaporation. Our geosynthetic liners offer durability. The liners can last up to 20 years if well protected from UV degradation. This can be done by burying the liner under approximately 350mm of soil below the water line mark.

What attributes do quality liners have?

  1. They should be made from raw materials and not recycled materials to ensure strength of the product.

  2. They must be highly resistant to puncturing and abrasion.

  3. They have to be UV treated to increase durability by reducing the risk of UV degradation.

Obtaining a damliner

Dam liners are sold per square meters. It is therefore recommended to have the right dimensions before making a purchase. The desired measurements should be of the top of the dam or pond and not the bottom. Using that, it is easier to get the accurate square meters of the entire area to be covered with enough detail to ensure an allowance for installation. There are several types of dam liners. The types we offer are as indicated in the table below:


300 microns (0.3mm)

500 microns (0.5mm)

750 microns (0.75mm)

1,000 microns (1mm)


Applicable for medium size dams.

Applicable for large projects.

Applicable for large projects.


A standard width of 7m and 8m and a flexible length however, they can be welded together


15-20 years or more



UV Stabilized

UV treated to ensure longevity and prevent fast UV degradation


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