Afro Drip’s Sustainable Strategy

Following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Afro Drip Limited aims at being the top industry in sustainable manufacturing of supportive agricultural products in Kenya, East Africa, and across the world. All products manufactured and supplied by Afro Drip are ISO-certified quality products and are all supplied at affordable prices suitable for all our consumers. Most if not all impacts of the company’s existence on the industry achieve one SDG goal, especially the first which is the ‘No Poverty’ goal.

  1. SDG 2 – No hunger

Afro Drip limited seeks to achieve the second SDG goal to end hunger by introducing sustainable and affordable means of conducting agriculture through the promotion of irrigation farming. Among the team members are experienced farmers who offer clients advice in regard to the use of our products for their customized needs. By encouraging alternative and sustainable means of agriculture practices, the company contributes to achieving SDG goal 1 by providing food security which translates to economic security, reducing poverty levels.

  1. SDG 5 – Gender Equality

One look at the team running and holding down business in the company would be enough evidence that Afro Drip is a non-discriminating organization. The company aims to end discrimination against women by providing equal work rights and opportunities. In this company, women have assumed leadership roles and are protected against sexual harassment and exploitation under the employee code of conduct.

  1. SDG 8 – Good Jobs and Economic Growth

Since its conception in 2013, Afro Drip Limited has been a source of jobs for many individuals in Kenya. Through its expansion to multiple regions in the country, the company continues to promote SDG goal 8 by providing good jobs and economic growth guarantees which translates to the reduction of poverty in the country fulfilling the first SDG goal to end poverty. The company seeks to promote economic freedom through the creation of job opportunities.

  1. SDG 9 – Innovation and Infrastructure

Afro Drip limited has invested greatly in infrastructure that reduces the product supply chain by bringing production requirements to the base of the company. This is an indicator of technological progress as the availability of in-house production creates an economic solution and also promotes environmental sustainability. Through this, the company continues to create more job opportunities and remains sustainable in the developing globalized world.

  1. SDG 13 – Protect the Planet

Afro Drip Limited is an eco-friendly company. Products produced and distributed are environmentally friendly and ensure environmental sustainability. Products are High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) based which during production requires only a smaller fraction of the energy required to produce steel from its iron ore, therefore, giving off no harmful fumes into the environment.

Afro Drip Limited seeks to not only serve but also protect all its consumers and members. Its growth is maintained as sustainable, and all ambitions are integral and reliable. Creating partnerships across the globe to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry is the goal as well as retaining the best standards for the best outcomes.