Afrodrip limited has aimed at new to satisfy the needs of all our clients. We have grown to be an organization with integrity when handling its customers since the company"s incorporation back in 2018. We have become a very reliable and reputable institution in kenya handling agro-economic and chemical products
Our Company

An agricultural themed manufacturing company. These products include farming equipment for open field irrigation and farming, greenhouse farming, water reservation using dams as well as piping appliances (PVC & HDPE pipes and fittings. Drip & Sprinkler irrigation systems. Dam lining and Fertilizers .


Following the 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development, Afrodrip limited aims at being thr top industry in sustainable manufacturing of supportive agricultural products in Kenya , East Africa, and across the world . 


Afro Drip Limited seeks to not only serve but also protect all its consumers and members. Its growth is maintained as sustainable, and all ambitions are integral and reliable. Creating partnerships across the globe to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry is the goal as well as retaining the best standards for the best outcomes.

Environment & Sustainability

Afro Drip Limited is an eco-friendly company. Products produced and distributed are environmentally friendly and ensure environmental sustainability. Products are High-Density Polyethylene based which during production requires only a smaller fraction of the energy required to produce steel from its iron ore, therefore, giving off no harmful fumes into the environment.